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Nicolas Baudin Award for Best Short Film

Meat and Potatoes
Ellenor Argyropoulos & Arielle Thomas

Audience Award

Jasper Jones
Rachel Perkins

Best Actress

Nancy Brunning
in Mahana

Best Actor

ex æquo
Temuera Morrison & Akuhata Keefe
in Mahana

Special Mention

The Pā Boys

Himiona Grace

Grand Jury Prize

Jasper Jones

Rachel Perkins













Created as part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of the discovery of the Southern Lands by Captain Nicolas Baudin, the Nicolas Baudin Prize rewards an Australian or New Zealand short film. This year, it will be awarded by a jury made up of students from the Saint-Tropez region's high schools, among which the Lycée du Golfe de Saint-Tropez. One or several "chaperone(s)" - film and television industry professionals - will guide them. On the one hand, it is a fantastic opportunity for these young people to have an in-depth look at the work of aspiring directors, on the other hand, the perception of their films by a young audience is an interesting feedback for the Antipodean filmmakers themselves.

francoisvincentelliPatron of the Short Film Competition: François Vincentelli

A Belgian actor of Corsican origin, François first discovered comedy in his high school drama workshop. He began his film career in L'année de l'éveil (The Year of Awakening), and went on to play in Tanguy (2001), De l'autre côté du lit (Changing Sides, 2008), The Tourist (2010), L'exercice de l'état (The Minister, 2011), Au cul du loup (Miles from Anywhere, 2011) and Raid Dingue (2017). His television work includes the series Frank Riva, Clara Sheller and Scènes de ménages, as well as a number of TV movies, such as L'Inconnu de Brocéliande. 


PROGRAM 1 - 109 min

  • A Boy Called Su - Vedrana Music (8') 
  • We were here - David Vincent Smith (11’)
  • Etch - Monique Terry (6')
  • Crumbs - Briege Whitehead (13’) 
  • Somersault Pike - Kate Lefoe (7’)
  • Blight - Perun Bonser (13')
  • La Licorne - Chloé Boreham (11')
  • Have you tried, maybe, not worrying? - Rachel Ross (15’)
  • Surge - Enzo Tedeschi 2017 (9’)
  • Watchdog - Cody Cameron-Brown (10’)
  • Spring Jam - Ned Wenlock (6’)

PROGRAM 2 - 94 min

  • Vulva - Eloise Boutry (4’)
  • In a Cane Field - Emily Avila (16’)
  • The World In Your Window - Zoe McKenzie (15’)
  • Meat and Potatoes - Ellenor Argyropoulos, Arielle Thomas (7’)
  • The Dam - Brendon McDonnall (15')
  • My Best Friend is stuck on the Ceiling - Matthew Vesely (10’)
  • Welcome Home Allen - Andrew Kavanagh (12’)
  • Deighties - Mason Fleming (8’)
  • The Mother Situation - Matt Day (7’)

Introduced by Chloe Boreham, Briege Whitehead & Sam Dugmore


 a boy called suA BOY CALLED SU  - Vedrana Music - 2014 - 08’ - DCP (AUS)
Su is in kindergarten and doesn’t speak English. When he loses his favourite ball to a bully, Su must communicate in any way he knows how to get it back.




blightBLIGHT - Perun Bonser - 2017 - 13’ - DCP (AUS)
Alone, unprepared and scared, a young female Aboriginal Tracker must use all of her skill and the environment to outwit a seemingly unstoppable foe.




crumbsCRUMBS - Briege Whitehead - 2017 - 13’ - DCP (AUS)
After suffering a major loss, Sam actively sabotages the project of his nine year old neighbour.




deightiesDEIGHTIES - Mason Fleming - 2016 - 8’ - BR (AUS)
An 86-year old widower ventures into the unfamiliar world of online dating.




etchETCH - Monique Terry - 2015 – 6’ – DCP (AUS)
“Etch” was born out of unspoken moments of love. It asks how love defines us, what marks do people leave behind on your body and on your soul?




have you tried maybe not worryingHAVE YOU TRIED, MAYBE, NOT WORRYING? - Rachel Ross - 2017 - 15’ - DCP (NZ)
A young woman’s life is riven by a crippling anxiety disorder..




in a cane fieldIN A CANE FIELD - Emily Avila - 2016 - 16’ - DCP (AUS)
In a beachside tourist town, the body of a fifteen year old girl is found in a cane field.




la licorneTHE LICORN - Chloé Boreham - 2017 - 11’ - DCP (AUS)
Whilst at the peak of pleasure with her lover, a young woman dares to face her intruding past.




meat and potatoesMEAT AND POTATOES - Ellenor Argyropoulos & Arielle Thomas - 2017 - 7’ - BR (AUS)
A starving vegan woman and her partner in the Outback, in the Apocalypse, are forced to make choices.




my best friend is stuck on the ceilingMY BEST FRIEND IS STUCK ON THE CEILING - Matthew Vesely - 2015 - 10’ - BR (AUS)
Connor, secretly in love with Rach, gives her a birthday present that knocks her off her feet.




somersault pikeSOMERSAULT PIKE - Kate Lefoe - 2017 - 7’ - DCP (AUS)
A competitive diver faces her fears while taking on new heights.




spring jamSPRING JAM - Ned Wenlock - 2016 – 6’ – DCP (NZ)
A young stag, lacking impressive antlers, knows he needs to improvise sweet music if he's to have any chance during the mating season.




cmsurgeSURGE - Enzo Tedeschi - 2017 - 9’ - DCP  (AUS)
Kate’s new home is to die for.




the damTHE DAM - Brendon McDonnall - 2015 - 15’ - BR (AUS)
Feelings between lifetime friends that can no longer be contained.




the mother situationTHE MOTHER SITUATION - Matt Day - 2016 - 7’ - BR (AUS)
Three siblings agree to assist their terminally ill mother.




the world in your windowTHE WORLD IN YOUR WINDOW - Zoe McKenzie - 2016 - 15’ - BR (NZ)
Eight-year-old Jesse lives in a twilight world of sadness and silence, squeezed into a tiny caravan with his grief-stricken father. An accidental friendship allows Jesse to liberate them both.




vulvaVULVA - Eloise Boutry - 2015 – 4’ – DCP (AUS)
“Vulva” is a  conceptual art piece exploring female feelings through the themes of the Genesis creation story.




watchdogWATCHDOG - Cody Cameron-Brown - 2017 - 10’ - DCP  (AUS)
A lonely man’s compassion for life is tested whilst presiding over his favourite fishing cliffs.




welcome home allenWELCOME HOME ALLEN - Andrew Kavanagh - 2016 - 12’ - BR (AUS)
A group of soldiers return home to a world that may no longer recognize them.




we were hereWE WERE HERE - David Vincent Smith - 2016 - 11’ - DCP (AUS)
A rebellious daughter accidentally completes a heinous crime with a stranger and learns how human beings hide their sins to survive and function in society.



> EXHIBITION : «Aboriginal Dreaming» – Contemporary Aboriginal Art of Australia

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