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Australia / 2016 / 139 min / DCP / Western

Director : Matthew Holmes

Script : Matthew Holmes
Cinematography : Peter Szilveszter
Editing :   Caitlin Spiller
Music :   Ronnie minder
Production : Michael Favelle, Jessica Pearce, Russell Cunningham, Matthew Holmes

Cast : Jack Martin (Ben Hall), Jamie Coffa (John Gilbert), William Lee (John Dunn), Joanne Dobbin (Biddy Hall), Callan McAuliffe (Daniel Ryan), Lauren Grimson (Christina McKinnon)

The film tells the true story of the last nine months of the bushranger Ben Hall’s life. With his old gang scattered and the law closing in around him, Ben Hall picks up the search for his estranged wife Biddy and his son, Henry. Learning of their whereabouts, he confronts the woman who broke his heart years before by running off with his friend Jim Taylor and taking their son with her. In an act of jealous vengeance, Hall removes Henry from their care and gives him to his brother to be raised. Meanwhile, Ben Hall’s old accomplice John Gilbert returns and entices him to ride once again. They soon become the most wanted men in Australian history after the killing of two policemen. When the Government moves to declare them outlaws, the gang make desperate plans to flee the colony.


Matthew Holmes

Matthew began his professional film career in 1995 as a stop-motion animator, sculptor and storyboard artist, working on numerous award winning short films and televison commercials. In 2007, Matthew released his independent feature film debut ‘Twin Rivers’, a Depression-Era drama which he wrote, directed and produced. He has been researching bushranger history and writing a screenplay on Ben Hall for over seven years. He is now writing several new feature projects, including two companion films to ‘The Legend of Ben Hall’; an 1880’s inspired creature-feature ‘Territorial’; the survival drama ‘Blue Fin’ based on Colin Thiele’s novel and a bold  reimagining of his childhood favourite ‘Jason & The Argonauts’.


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