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Alexandra's Project

Director : Rolf De Heer

Australia / 2003 / 103 min / 35 mm / colour / Drama

Script : Rolf De Heer
Cinematography : Ian Jones
Editing : Tania Nehme
Music : Graham Tardif
Production : Rolf de Heer, Julie Ryan, Domenico Procacci, Sue Murray, Bryce Menzies
Cast : Gary Sweet, Helen Buday, Bogdan Koca

Introduced by Helen Buday

Steve is a middle-management office worker. He's an ordinary bloke, happily going through the motions of family life as husband to wife Alexandra and father to their two children, Emma and Sam. It's Steve's birthday, an especially happy day as Steve receives a much sought after promotion. With good news to share at home, Steve leaves work and heads home, in anticipation of a surprise party he suspects Alexandra has organised. But when he returns home, all is quiet in their suburban townhouse. After searching the darkened house for party guests Steve finds nothing, except a video tape labelled ‘Play Me’.


Official Selection, Berlin Festival 2003

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