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PROGRAMME - 90 min

Sleepwalking - Melissa Anastasi (20’)
This Perfect Day - Lydia Rui (7’)
Wine Lake - Platon Theodoris (10') *
Drum Wave - Natalie Erika James (10')  
Chicken - Alana Hicks (10’)
- Alex Feggans (9’)
I'm Not Hurting You
- David Vincent Smith (15')
Smile - Harriet McKern & Remy Varga (9')

* Introduced by Ailís Logan


cmsleepwalkingSLEEPWALKING - Melissa Anastasi 2018 - 20’ - DCP (AUS)
A young boy living on an isolated property must help his mother escape his controlling stepfather, testing his loyalties and ideas about the outside world.




cmthisperfectdayTHIS PERFECT DAY - Lydia Rui 2018 - 7’ - DCP (AUS)
Julia, a wayward adolescent, walks into a music store. This could be the day that changes her life.




cmwinelakeWINE LAKE - Platon Theodoris 2019 – 10’ - DCP (AUS)
A homeless Irish alcoholic and an artistic backpacker clash on a Sydney street. But they quickly develop an unlikely connection over his art.




cmdrumwaveDRUM WAVE - Natalie Erika James 2018 - 10’ - DCP (AUS)
A young pianist confronts her fear of motherhood when she marries into a remote island community with bizarre fertility rituals.




cmchickenCHICKEN - Alana Hicks 2020 - 10’ - DCP (AUS)
All Barbara wants to do is watch the Simpsons, but her recently migrated mum has just been overcharged at the local shops, and it's up to Barbara to sort it out. As usual..





cmjackrabbitJACKRABBIT - Alex Feggans 2018 - 9’ - DCP (AUS)
Jed lives with his father Glen at a remote gas station in outback Australia. They take a special interest in an Italian backpacker who stops by to refuel.




cmimnothurtingyouI'M NOT HURTING YOU - David Vincent Smith 2019 – 15’ – DCP (AUS)
A desperate woman kidnaps and forces rehab on her dangerous, younger meth-addicted brother, in a last-ditch effort to save his life.




cmsmileSMILE - Harriet McKern & Remy Varga 2018 - 9’ - DCP (AUS)
Smile is a reflection on the importance of giving to others, community and the emotional impact on the photographer Tawfik Elgazzar of seeing his subjects smile.






Australian Short Film Today (ASFT) is an international traveling roadshow demonstrating the talent of Australian filmmakers. The ASFT’s program is screened in four cities in the United States and four cities in Europe where the audience votes for the best short film.





Created as part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of the discovery of the Southern Lands by Captain Nicolas Baudin, the Nicolas Baudin Prize rewards an Australian or New Zealand short film. This year, it will be awarded by a jury made up of teachers from the Saint-Tropez region.


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