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Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices du 12 au 16 octobre 2022

L’Art des Antipodes - Shona Nunan, Michael Cartwight & son – Paintings, Sculptures

In the presence of the artists

shona harvest goddess

With great pleasure Australians, Shona Nunan and Michael Francis Cartwright and one of their two artist sons, Jacob Lucius Cartwright, have created an exhibition of sculptures and paintings at the 24th Festival des Antipodes. In 2019, Shona and Michael exhibited their sculptures and paintings at the Antipodes film festival, a year after their seminal exhibition of sculptures in the great Exhibition Hall with their two sons at the Australia House 100 year celebrations in London.

While the artists are deeply connected to their ties as a family, they have created their own individual journeys over the globe finding their true and free expressions of inspiration from their love of ancient cultures and nature and spiritual perception. The year 2022 has been an extraordinary year of creativity and passion with exhibitions and major works being realised in the artists’ respective studios of Pietrasanta in Italy and Correns in France.





Jacob embraceJacob Lucius Cartwright, born in 1982, is a composer combining his lyrical talents with his innate gifts of sculpture in wood and stone. He works in Pietrasanta in Italy at his grand studio, Tre Luci. His monumental marble sculpture, ‘Portal’, has been on loan to Pietrasanta throughout the summer, and currently he is exhibiting major sculptures in Paola Raffa contemporary Gallery in Pietrasanta.

This year, Shona and Michael have been invited by the Mairie of St Tropez and the Director of the Citadel Museum of St Tropez, Mr Laurent Pavlidis, to exhibit their monumental bronze sculptures in the walls of the Citadel Maritime Museum from May to November 3. The sculptures were realised in their studios in Italy and France and are a testament to the artists’ enduring creativity and dedication to their art. They live and create in the idyllic Provencal village of Correns in France.

Michael reclining figure



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