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some happy day

Australia / 2021 / 73 min / DCP / Comedy drama

Director : Catherine Hill

Script : Catherine Hill
Cinematography : Cameron Zayec
Editing : Catherine Hill, Shannon Michaelas
Music : Abe Pogos
Production : Catherine Hill, Cecilia Low, Abe Pogos, Cameron Zayec

Cast : Peta Brady (Tina), Mary Helen Sassman (Frances), James O'Connell (Ben), Cameron Zayec (Jay), Andrew S. Gilbert (Stewart)


Tina and Frances share the same neighbourhood but different worlds. Homeless Tina sleeps at a city beach with her partner Ben. Desperate for a better life she plans a new start in an idyllic country town. That’s until Ben steals all her money. Unable to track him down she ends up at a Crisis Centre where she meets social worker Frances. This encounter leads the two women to confront not only their partners, but also everything they have always believed in.


Catherine Hill

Catherine has worked as an actor (That's Not Me, My Year Without Sex, Neighbours, The Flying Doctors), script editor, story consultant and is an award-winning theatre director. Alongside this work, Catherine has been employed as a case manager and a crisis worker for over two decades, working with individuals managing complex issues and often experiencing homelessness. Drawing on all these experiences Catherine wrote, produced and directed Some Happy Day, supported by the social justice organizations that employ her and encouraged by many individuals she has supported.


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