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BAD REPUTATION, the label that celebrates rock and Antipodean rock

Following CDs still available: From Rock des Antipodes to Rock des Antipodes 7 / Ohh La la / Dirt River Radio and many more to be found on our website: www.badreputation.fr and in good record stores.

The Concert Of The Decade:

CD The Concert of the decade Bad Reputation 2022

Teenagers in Sydney, in the late 1970’s, listened to 2SM. They were THE station to listen to for all the latest rock & pop. They were also famous in the late 70’s for their concerts in Victoria Park & at the Sydney Opera House. Those concerts lead the way for one of the biggest ever held at that time, the Concert Of The Decade on the 4th of November 1979.

It featured a host of classic Australian acts from that time, some of whom re-formed just for that concert. Artists like Hush, Sherbet, Cheetah, Stevie Wright, Ol ’55, Dragon, Colleen Hewett, Captain Matchbox, Ted Mulry Gang Jim Keays, Mike Rudd, Richard Clapton, Doug Parkinson, Split Enz, Jon English, Jo Jo Zep, Russell Morris, Max Merritt, The Mixtures, Kevin Borich, Stars, Skyhooks, Marcia Hines, Blackfeather joined the party. The culmination of the event saw Stevie Wright giving the performance of his life with Evie parts 1, 2 & 3 & a tribute to Johnny O’Keefe from an all-star cast. The show was recorded and bit’s of it have been televised. This concert was monumental, probably the concert of a lifetime, not just the decade, and that’s not to say there haven’t been some significant ones since, including seeing Roger Waters perform The Wall in Berlin in ’90. All royalties will go to the Australian Bushfire Benefit



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