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Created as part of the celebrations of the bicentenary of the discovery of the Southern Lands by Captain Nicolas Baudin, the Nicolas Baudin Prize rewards an Australian or New Zealand short film. This year, it will be awarded by a jury made up of students from the Saint-Tropez region's high schools, among which the Lycée du Golfe de Saint-Tropez. One or several "chaperone(s)" - film and television industry professionals - will guide them. On the one hand, it is a fantastic opportunity for these young people to have an in-depth look at the work of aspiring directors, on the other hand, the perception of their films by a young audience is an interesting feedback for the Antipodean filmmakers themselves.



PROGRAMME 1 - 120 min


  • A STONE'S THROW -  Luke Wissell (11’)
  • SWEET TOOTH - Shannon Ashlyn (23')
  • WATERFALL - Nora Niasari (15')
  • SHADOWS - THE FATHER - Eugene Dyson (15’)
  • MEKE - Tim Worrall (8')
  • HANDOUT - Vedrana Music (5')
  • I LOVE YOU SARA - Daniel White (11')
  • YULUBIDYI, UNTIL THE END - Nathan Mewett (12') 
  • NURSERY RHYMES - Thomas Noakes (5')

PROGRAMME 2 - 90 min / VOSTF

  • FALLING UP - Chelsie Preston-Crayford (13’)
  • LOVED - Samuel Van Grinsven (8')
  • THE GRANNY FLAT - Rachel Mackey (8’)
  • WILD WILL  - Alan King (13’)
  • A QUICK LOVE STORY - Brenden Dannaher (7')
  • ON - Jelena Sinik (2’)
  • JUDAS COLLAR - Alison James (15’)
  • SOHRAB AND RUSTUM - Lee Whitmore (14’)
  • TWENTY-ONE POINTS - Pete Circuitt (10’)

Introduced by directors Nora Niasari and Eugene Dyson


A Quick Love StoryA QUICK LOVE STORY - Brenden Dannaher 2019 - 7’ - DCP (AUS)
Lovable but lonely Steve finally meets a woman who understands him. Unfortunately, she is not what he expected.




A Stone's ThrowA STONE'S THROW - Luke Wissell 2018 – 11’ – DCP (AUS)
After a truck driver is killed by a rock thrown from an overpass, teenage schoolgirl Hannah runs from the scene and is hit by a car.




Falling upFALLING UP - Chelsie Preston-Crayford 2018 - 13’ - DCP (NZ)
A mother cares for her young daughter in the aftermath of her break-up with the girl's father.




HandoutHANDOUT - Vedrana Music 2017 - 5’ - DCP (AUS)
Zeljka Reljan-Music makes her way out of Sarajevo with the first UN Convoy taking mothers and children to Belgrade in 1992.




I Love You SaraI LOVE YOU SARA - Daniel White 2018 - 11’ - DCP (AUS)
An inventor from the not-so-distant future reminisces about his single greatest creation.




Judas CollarJUDAS COLLAR - Alison James 2018 – 15’ – DCP (AUS)
In outback Australia a wild camel is fitted with a tracking device known as a Judas Collar.




LovedLOVED - Sam Van Grinsven 2017 – 8’ – DCP (AUS)
A woman's life unravels when an unexpected phone call forces a secret to the surface.




MekeMEKE - Tim Worrall 2017 - 8’ - DCP (NZ)
The arrival of a trainer's daughter into the midst of backstage preparations before an important boxing match threatens to destroy the relationship between fighter and coach.




Nursery RhymesNURSERY RHYMES - Thomas Noakes 2018 - 5’ - DCP (AUS)
By the side of a rural highway, a bizarre encounter with a metalhead takes a profound turn.




OnON - Jelena Sinik 2018 - 2’ - DCP (AUS)
In our age of attention scarcity, On explores just where our gaze is falling.




Shadows - The FatherSHADOWS - THE FATHER - Eugene Dyson 2017 - 15’ - DCP (AUS)
Jason escapes his father to find comfort with his lost mother in his dreams.




Sohrab and RustumSOHRAB AND RUSTUM - Lee Whitmore 2018 - 14’ - DCP (AUS)
A teacher reads a poem to a class of teenage girls. Through the poem, the students are transported to ancient Persia and witness a legendary fight between two warriors.




Sweet ToothSWEET TOOTH - Shannon Ashlyn 2019 - 23’ - DCP (AUS)
Set in 1780, it is a dark and magical fairy tale inspired by Brothers Grimm’s “Hansel and Gretel”.




cmTheGrannyFlatTHE GRANNY FLAT - Rachel Mackey 2018 - 8’ - DCP (AUS)
After being temporarily abandoned by their parents, two siblings wake up to find their house overrun with grandmothers.




Three Stories Inside A Rental VanTHREE STORIES INSIDE A RENTAL VAN - Lewis Attey 2018 - 15’ - DCP (AUS)
A young labourer backs into a parked car. Two students watch a group of kids. A man attempts to dump a load of rubbish on the side of the road.




Twenty-One PointsTWENTY-ONE POINTS - Pete Circuitt 2018 – 10’ – DCP (NZ)
An eccentric buddy movie between a grown man, his imaginary friend and his mum. Set over a single day in suburban New Zealand.




WaterfallWATERFALL - Nora Niasari 2017 - 15’ - DCP (AUS)
14 year old Zahra cannot come to terms with her Iranian mother’s new Australian fiancé, Peter. In an attempt to unite the family, they take her on a road trip in search of a Waterfall.




Wild WillWILD WILL - Alan King 2019 - 13’ - DCP (AUS)
When the neighbourhood dogcatcher William Page is found wandering the streets disorientated, he is brought back to the local police station for assistance.




Yulubidyi, Until The EndYULUBIDYI, UNTIL THE END - Nathan Mewett 2018 - 12’ - DCP (AUS)
A young Aboriginal man, Jarman, is tasked with protecting his younger disabled brother from life in a harsh remote community.







cmOneHundredADayONE HUNDRED A DAY - Gillian Armstrong 1973 - 7’ – DCP (AUS)
In a 1930s shoe factory in Sydney, a young girl continues to work at her machine after a visit to a backyard abortionist.



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