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Salle Jean Despas, Place des Lices October 9-13, 2019

Recent work by Nunan-Cartwright Atelier

Expo Nunan Cartwright Michael Cartwright painting

Shona Nunan and Michael Francis Cartwright are an Australian couple, artists who have been creating their art for over 40 years. They inherited their love and passion for art from their fathers who were both painters and these days their two sons are artists too.


Expo Nunan Cartwright Michael Cartwright sculpturesNunan and Cartwright are inspired and enriched by ancient living cultures.  They have created their art in rural and urban Australia, in rustic French farmhouses, in small villages and great art towns in the Tuscan marble mountains of Italy, and in pre famine cottages on the wild windswept and luminous western coast of Ireland. They have sailed on seas around Papua New Guinea, and the wild North Sea, where the balance of survival hangs delicately over the unknown. The beauty, the edge of life in nature, the marks of ancient peoples in the land before them, all inspire and alter their life perception, creating the language of their art.

Their art is transcultural, taking from the journey of their forebears to Australia adding to it their own extraordinary nomadic journey. In 2018, their life journey was celebrated in a seminal exhibition with their two sons at The Australian High Commission in London, where they were invited by High Commissioner, Alexander Downer AC, to show in the Great Exhibition Hall during the 100 year celebrations of Australia House.

Nunan and Cartwright live in Provence. They have recently renovated an old ruined house in the biologique village of Correns, transforming it into 5 floors of studios for their art.


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